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  • Roadside Rescue

    Includes Standard Plus:
    Rental Car Cover
    Emergency Accommodation
    Accident Coordination
    and more...

Our Benefits

Why choose
Roadside Rescue?

  • 24-Hour Roadside Rescue

    Roadside Rescue is available to you nationwide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Unlimited Number of Callouts

    With Roadside Rescue you can call us as many times as you need in any membership year.

  • Full Scale Coverage

    Your membership covers you in all scenarios (ie. any vehicle or anyone driving your designated vehicle).

  • Breakdown Assistance

    Roadside Rescue will dispatch a provider to tow/transport the vehicle to the nearest approved repairer or place of safety.

  • Tyre Change Service

    We'll fit your spare tyre and have you back on your way in no time.

  • Battery Service

    We'll help jump start your car.


Still have some questions?

Can I get Roadside Rescue with a hybrid or electric car?

Yes, you can have a Roadside Rescue membership with a hybrid or electric car. We have a dedicated electric fleet. 

Can learner and restricted drivers get a membership?

As long as you can legally drive you can get a Roadside Rescue Membership.

Is there an extra fee for public holidays?

There is no extra fee for our services on public holidays because we know first-hand that roadside incidents can happen at any time.

Can I get Roadside Rescue for motorbikes and scooters?

If your vehicle is registered on the road we will look after it! 

Do you serve Rural areas?

Yes! First Rescue is a nationwide service and we cover the entire New Zealand road network.

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