• Fleet Services

  • No matter how many company vehicles you have on the road, First Rescue has a range of fleet risk and driver training options to suit. Our highly skilled teams work with New Zealand businesses and government organisations that employ owner drivers or run vehicle fleets of any size. Whether you have a fleet of 20 or 5,000, we can help take the complexity out of fleet management, integrating with your current systems and processes. 

    We offer a range of fleet solutions including accident management, driver training, and fleet health and safety. While we can't prevent accidents all together, we can improve your processes to minimize cost, reduce stress for your drivers, and minimize future risk. 

Our Solutions

Accident Management

Accidents are an unfortunate part of the driving experience that increase costs and disrupt drivers' lives. Accident management outsourcing minimizes downtime, mitigates expenses, and instils a sense of assurance among key stakeholders.

Our accident management team will:

  • Take care of the driver’s immediate needs
  • Organise a replacement vehicle
  • Arrange damaged vehicles to be towed
  • Capture key incident information for claims and OHS purposes
  • Manage the repair process
  • Control the repair costs

Fleet Risk Management

Fleet risk management is an essential part of operations in order to protect your people, your property and your profit. At First Rescue, we’ve developed a range of risk solutions to help you provide a safe workplace environment and take preventative steps to minimise any potential risk.

Our systems and processes have been proven to:

  • Reduce crash rates
  • Provide incident tracking and reporting
  • Deliver cost savings
  • Provide the tools to help your companies compliance to OHS across your fleet

Driver Training

Driver behaviour is one of the most important aspects to look at when considering accident prevention strategies. Businesses also now have a legal obligation under the Health and Safety at Work Act to provide information, training and supervision to their drivers.

The benefits of online driver training include:

  • Removing the time consuming administrative and coordination tasks with practical in-car training
  • Lessons can be done anywhere at any time (as long as there's internet access)
  • Learning is completely measurable
  • An increase in driver awareness of the ongoing risks of the road
  • An exploration into how they can manage risks
  • Proactive risk management
  • Decentralised training

Fleet Health and Safety Compliance

Changes to health and safety rules and regulations happen from time to time. We know that keeping up with these changes and having the tools in place to manage fleet safety and OHS compliance can be time-consuming on top of everything else you need to do. So instead of going out and searching for the information yourself, we will bring it to you. 

We can help:

  1. Identify possible areas of risk across your fleet, including trends such as common incident types, drivers who could be considered high risk and potential hazards that may exist within your fleet.
  2. Assess your exposure to pull together a plan ensuring you have the correct systems and resources in place.
  3. Implement suitable controls that eliminate or minimise risks like, pre-employment driver risk assessments, driver training, license checks or incident reporting.
  4. Review and monitor the effectiveness of your controls to ensure you're compliant at all times.

Roadside Assistance

When your driver's are in a stressful situation, you don't want to this to be compounded by not knowing who to call. By having a single provider for roadside and accident management services, we can support your team through any scenario. Learn more about our Roadside Assistance services here

Our Benefits

Why Choose
Fleet Services?

  • Driver

    Refresh your drivers’ skill and knowledge with online training. 

  • Incident Management

    Ensure your drivers safety by having a management plan in the case of an accident or breakdown.

  • Incident Tracking and Reporting

    Identify potential risks and issues with tracking and reporting of driver behaviour and associated financial costs.

  • Risk

    Develop solutions to manage the risk your drivers face on the road.

  • Manage Repair Process

    Focus on your business while we reduce the cost and time it takes to repair your vehicle.

  • White Label Solutions

    Maintain consistency and integrity in your branding with tailored White Label Solutions. 

Fleets We Protect

  • Trust Power
  • Kainga Ora
  • Nurse Maude
  • Leigh's
  • PGG Wrightson
  • Emerge Aotearoa
  • NZ Police
  • SG Fleet
  • Fleetpartners